New 50/50 route

For 2023 the Manchester high peak VMCC club are introducing a 50/50 route –

Half of the sections selected (normally 5) will be clearly marked with 50/50 board along side the begins card.

Riders who have entered the 50/50 class will at the sections marked with these boards ride the hard route on this section i.e follow the Red and Blue markers for the whole section . On the other 5 sections (with NO 50/50 board) they ride the easy route .

The aim for the new route is to allow the better riders, if they wish, on the easy route to have a more challenging trial and the less competent riders , if they wish, on the hard route to have less challenging trial.

This is a format already familiar to many clubs and riders , it doesn’t involve more markers in the sections or more work for the setting out team .

Riders doing the 50/50 route will have a coloured dot on the number .